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Lesson 2 - Examples and Homework

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Wiki Structure Examples and Homework


  1. Go back to your workspace and edit your page,
  2. Chose one age group and answer the questions for that group.
  3. Things to keep in mind: Examine if these wikis are for just one project or for the entire year.  Notice how some teachers choose to centralize their handouts and assignments on a wiki. Other teachers chose a more collaborative approach.  Is it clear how students should participate from the directions on the front page?


PS: Did you a link to your new workspace to our district directory?


Remember:  These are LIVE wikis in a REAL classroom.  Please do not leave a comment or request editing access



Elementary school

The following workspaces provide various examples of how to use a wiki with young students. 



  • What important conversation did Mrs. K have with her young students?
  • How did Mrs. K's students interact with eachother on the workspace?
  • How did her students react to this workspace (note the comment section).
  • How is this space organized?  Is there a better way to organize this information?



  • How did this wiki welcome visitors from around the world?
  • What are three of the digital media forms that you found on this wiki?  


Middle School


http://iaspace.pbwiki.com/FrontPage - This space was created by a former PBworks mentor and features one of my favorite projects of all time!

  • What is the purpose of this workspace? What project will students complete on this workspace?
  • How did they incorporate research and collaboration? (Please note the use of footnotes, an important PBworks plugin)
  • Were the directions clear for students?
  • How could you better organize this space? 



  • Is this site collaborative or instructional?
  • How are students collaborating, or supporting each other's work?
  • How is this site structured so you can find what you're looking for?

(Hint: Please look in the PDS folder to see student work)


High School


  • How did this teacher integrate a wiki with her research project?
  • How did this teacher organize the site?  Can you think of a better way to clearly group pages?
  • Look at the page history for the student research papers, can you see how often each page was edited? 
  • How would you grade the student work on this site? (IE: "I would consider the final product, the level of activity, how often students commented on each others work...") 



  • Can you find instructions to the current event project? What were students asked to do?
  • Do you notice that the student pages have a standardized set of information?  How did this happen ;)
  • Is this a collaborative workspace or a way to share information from the teacher to the student?
  • How would you grade the student work on this site? (IE: "I would consider the final product, the level of activity, how often students commented on each others work...")
  • How did this teacher use security contols to limit the students exposure? (Hint: Why can't you see this set of pages?!







  • What role do these wikis play for their constituents?
  • How is it structured to make information easily discoverable?
  • What additional technologies are these librarians using to reach out to their community?
  • How might a library patron interact with the library wiki?



  • Who is this wiki for?
  • How is the staff at the fresno library working together on this workspace?
  • What fun challenges are offered on this site? (This is a good way to keep people coming back to your workspace, and keep people involved in the beginning)



  • Who is the Allegheny County Library reaching out to?
  • What information are they providing on the wiki that wouldn't be on their website?



  • How is Lisa involving the community on her wiki?


Excellent School Library Examples






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