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How to set up your workspace



Before your students get to the wiki (and create their own structure) you must create a wiki outline. Here are some tips from the team at PBworks. Click edit to add your own ideas.





Put clear engagement directions on the front page - what are students doing on the wiki


  1. Is your workspace a one stop place for students to see what is going on in your class and at school?
  2. Is it a resource for them to turn to when they need handouts?
  3. Do you want to use the site for scheduling group meetings, compiling research, and assigning teams?
  4. Is it a place to collaborate with each other?
  5. Is it a combination of collaboration and reference material?


Make it clear how students should interact on or with a wiki

  1. Post directions on what a wiki is, and how to use it. The Common Craft video is an excellent resource (The video is located here).
  2. Sandbox - give students a place to experiement and make mistakes. (To create a sandbox, just create a page and title it sandbox)
  3. If you're working with younger students or students new to working in a wiki, create a wiki etiquette page to discuss what is and isn't appropriate.
  4. If you're working with older students, make sure to link to your class materials (handouts, syllabus, etc) from the front page (or even the sidebar). Create clear navigation!
  5. Model expectations with the students in class.


Navigation:  How should students find what they are looking for

  1. Tags
  2. Folders
  3. Links from the homepage (or from the side bar)
  4. Class documents all on one page (use a table so students can sort by alphabetical order)


Awesome Wikis with great instructions and navigation

Remember these are LIVE wikis for someone's real class. Please do not leave comments or try to edit this workspace.  






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