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This is an instructional tutorial brought to you by PBworks.  The purpose is for you to learn:


What is a wiki

How to use a wiki in your classroom

How to engage your students with interactive media and collaborative learning

Best practices and great examples


This wiki contains several tutorials that build upon each other.  You will always have access to this site, so if you need to reference back to these training materials, they will be here!   We have aggregated many resources for you to explore, experiment, and think about the ways to use PBworks and social technology in your library or classroom.  



Lesson One - What is a Wiki

Module Instructions


Lesson Two- Getting Started on your Wiki


Lesson Three - Workspace Security

It's up to you -- control who can view, edit and leave comments.


Lesson Four - Permission Levels (also called access levels)


Lesson Five - Plugin Menu Part I


Lesson Six - Plugin Menu - Interactive Media


Lesson Seven - Workspace Administration: Customize your space.


Lesson Eight - Invite Students and Parents


Lesson Nine - Personal Settings


Lesson Ten - Advanced Work


Other ideas



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