9-Disable or change notification frequency

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Disable or change the frequency of email notifications



Stay in the Loop!

Notifications are email alerts that keep you up-to-date with any activity on your workspace.  But we know that as teachers you already receive a ton of emails, so feel free to customize your notification preferences!




Why do you receive email notifications?

Email notifications are sent out to inform you of any changes made on the workspace.  This way, you can be alerted as users reply to posts or partake in discussion.  But let's say you teach multiple classes or just don't want constant emails?  Then disabling or changing the frequency of notifications is perfect for you.



How do you change your notification preferences?

It's Simple.

  1. Log into your PBworks Account at
  2. Scroll down to the "Preferences" section on the home page and look for the "notify me when my wikis change" drop-down menu
  3. Select from never, right away, at most every hour, at most once a day, and more from the drop-down menu and click "Submit"


Notifications from Support Center on Vimeo.



Disabling Notifications

Changing your notificiation frequency is a great tool, but what if you want to disable notifications altogether?


You can disable or enable notifications for each specific workspace you're a member of:


  1. Go to your PBworks Account home page.
  2. Find the workspace you want to disable notifications for and uncheck the notification box



When a box is checked, it signifies that notifications are enbabled.  By unchecking the box, you're choosing to disable notifications for that workspace.  Therefore, you will not receive any email notifications if changes are made on that workspace.


Note: You do not receive email notificaions for changes that YOU make to the workspace regardless if notifications are enbabled or not.


What about my students?


Users will receive notifications every hour unless they change their preferences themselves.  If you want to disable notifications for all users, click on "Notifications and RSS" under your workspace settings.  Uncheck the box next to "enable email notifications for this workspace," and click on the save button below it.  Now users will not receive notifications of any changes on the workspace.


Want more help?  Check out the user manual.



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