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Try for yourself! 


The top tools for educators -- these all use the HTML/Java plugin.


Create a Screencast


Build your talking Avatar


Interactive posters with Glogster


Guess the words using Wordle




Your own music video on Animoto


Surveys and Polls








More example are located here: http://pbworks.com/education/resources-plugin



HTML is a computer language used to create pages and content on the Web. You can copy the HTML/Java script code from other sites and embed it on your PBworks page.


How to use the HTML/Javascript plugin

  1. Go into edit mode on your workspace by clicking the "Edit" tab.
  2. Click the "Insert Plugin" button
  3. Choose the "HTML/JavaScript" plugin in the "HTML & Gadgets" category.
  4. Type in your code.
  5. If you're a workspace administrator and want to include JavaScript (<script>) or CSS (<style>), check "Allow JavaScript and other potentially unsafe code"
  6. Click "Preview," then "OK," and now "Save" your workspace page.


This plugin allows you to insert snippets of HTML or JavaScript code into your workspace page. Due to security reasons, only workspace administrators are able to include potentially unsafe code such as JavaScript (more details here). 


If "Allow JavaScript and other potentially unsafe code" is checked, only workspace admins will be able to edit the plugin in the future.


When other workspace users (Writers and Editors) use the plugin, they will not see the checkbox. If potentially unsafe code is detected, a warning will be shown. Potentially unsafe code is automatically removed from the plugin to help keep your workspace safe.



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