5- Plugin

Lesson Five- Plugins

Due on Tuesday May 8th, 2010.



Happy class of kids[1]


Lesson Five and Six- Organization and Multimedia!


Plugins allow you to display additional types of content - like a table of contents, footnotes, calendars, google gadgets, etc. You can also add videos, images and more using the plugin menu. A plugin is a way for you to add page elements and external tools on your wiki page.


Lesson Five will focus on page elements and lesson six will show you how to integrate other tools on your workspace.


General plugin information:

  1. Enter "Edit Mode" of the page you want to embed the plugin into.
  2. Click the “Insert Plugin” button on the tool bar
  3. You'll be shown a menu of available plugin categories.
  4. When you place your mouse over each category, a list of available plugins will appear.  Click on the plugin you want to use.
  5. Note, while in edit mode, your plugin will appear to be a green box.  When you click "save", your plugin will appear on the page.






  1. These images are released under the creative commons license. Find your own photos here: http://flickrcc.bluemountains.net/