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Page Security



What to know about Page Security


Page security is the most granular level of security on the wiki. It overrides both wiki-wide and folder level security


Administrators can hide and lock pages as well as set custom security


What are the page-level security options?

Normally, a page will inherit the security settings of the folder in which it resides, but workspace Administrators can apply additional control at the page-level.  There are four different page-level security options: Default, Lock, Hide, and Custom. 




This security setting defaults to the permissions that are determined by the role that each user is assigned for the workspace as a whole.  This is the only option available for baseline workspaces.




Locking a page prevents all non-admins from editing, but not from viewing its contents.  This is great when you want to publish information that you don't want your students to edit, like your syllabus, homework assignments, etc.  Only administrators are able to edit locked pages.  Please be careful that you don't lock pages that you wish your students to be able to modify.




Hiding a page prevents all non-admins from viewing or editing its contents.  This setting can be used for planning pages that you don't wish others to view until the page is finished or for experimenting with your workspace.




Custom page security allows you to identify specific access levels to a page, regardless of their overall workspace access level.  For example, you could grant Writer-level access to a specific page for one of your workspace's Readers.  Any users whom have not been granted access through the custom security setting will not be able to access or view it.



Public Page

Clicking the checkbox next to the option "Make this page public" allows private workspace owners to make certain pages accessible by anyone on the internet.  The URL is also provided, for convenient inclusion in an e-mail or other communication.


How to set Page-level access


  1. Look at the page tool menu to the right of your page in view mode and chose "page security"
  2. Click the radio button next to the desired page-security level to select it.  For custom security, select users from the drop-down menu and then select their access-level from a similar menu.




Setting Page Security from Support Center on Vimeo.




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