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4- Instructions

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Lesson Four - Permission Levels



Student on Computer[1]


You've now made sure that your workspace is public/private, now it's time to create even finer levels of permission on your workspace.  You can set access controls (also called permission levels) across the entire workspace, on a group of pages in a folder, and on a page.


When you invite students to your workspace, you grant them a workspace-wide permission level.  This is their access level for every page on your workspace.


Sometimes you want to share pages with one group of students but not everyone.  To do this, you group pages in a folder and set access controls on that folder.  You can now set permission rights so the people that you set have access to the information in that folder. If you don't have permission to view the information in a folder, you won't know that the folder exists.  The edits won't show up on your recent activity and you won't see the folder on your navigator.


What if you want to work with one student on just one page.  You can do this by setting access controls on just that page.


Let's explore this idea.





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