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You can't break the wiki!



Sometimes people are concerned that they will break PBworks and are therefore intimidated to edit it.

Shake it off!  Remember every edit you make is reversable!




Page History 

Every edit on PBworks is saved in the page history and can be reverted at anytime. To see who made edits to your page, click on page history on the top right of your wiki page. You will see a list of all the edits ever made to that page, and can view the previous versions of that page.


Chose two versions to compare the changes. Revert back to previous versions. Remember! If something goes wrong, and you delete all the information on your page, it's reversible! Just head to the page history and revert your page. (Say it with me! "You can revert your page!")


** One thing to keep in mind is if you delete a page (not the information on a page), that is permanent.


Why is this awesome for teachers!

Now you can see who is active on group project, when work is getting done and what changes have been made.  You also know exactly which student made the edit, and can hold them responsible. Page history makes it easier to grade projects based on activity.  Check out this section on Wiki Rubrics and how to grade workspace activity.


For more details about page history, check out our user manual


Page history video


Reverting Pages from Support Center on Vimeo.




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